7 March 2018

Research Lead

New Job

-Compensation: based on experience
-Type: 60+ hours for 17 weeks. Opportunity to extend contract through 2018.
-Hours: Contract. 10-20 hours/week – will regularly involve some evening and weekend working

About this role:

The primary duty of the Research Lead is to build a body of evidence for others to learn from and apply in their own community. Documentation for widespread distribution will focus on circumstantial proof and practical models to assist in successful replication in any dynamic environment. Prepare data for the socialization of knowledge that will be distributed through, but not limited to, an ongoing online story, reports, booklets, videos, interviews, and live exhibitions.

Learnings need to be communicated to a diverse audience, from residents to municipalities to academia. Anyone wishing to engage with their local community will be able to decipher the approach using design as the communication language of choice.

As Research Lead you will be responsible for co-creating a research plan and maintaining a network of feedback mechanisms throughout the project. This role needs to have a keen ability to quantify and synthesize “the story” a merging from all sorts of information; from sentiment to perspective to feelings of trust. The project will present heaps of hard facts, and it is the research team’s job to identify causality and bridge the gap between qualitative and quantitative data.

Each project initiative will have specific metrics to measure against to demonstrate progress towards a bigger goal. Since the methodology is fairly non-traditional, we will need to build evidence and a compelling story around the successes of and challenges encountered during f the project and in working in this new “diffuse design” approach. The entire project is essentially a research initiative, measuring practices, participation, and specific metrics related to general well-being of a population. Your job is to set up the evaluation strategy for measuring the outcomes of multiple project and community initiatives.

Following design activity 1.0.0, existing data synthesis, you will co-develop the content and oversee the delivery of the research plan. You will take the ethnographic insights and process them using a quantitative lens so that, results can be measured and communicated. Feedback is frequent, generated by neighborhood residents, and constantly used to shape and reshape the inquiry and the resulting projects.

The Research Lead can work in fluid environments with a high tolerance for uncertainty.

The ability to take direction is as important as the ability to give direction. Attention to detail and high organization prowess is a must.

The role will train you in essential Service Design principles and prepare you to think more critically and creatively on social challenges. You will develop a human-centered leadership style that allows you to actively listen, collectively discern, and deliver actionable insights to client teams, communities, and the general public.

Duties and responsibilities of this role

  • Conceptualize and define the research methodology and approach
  • Structure and evolve the research approach from a base understanding and adapt to the project as complexities arise
  • Co-manage research; prepare and coordinate fieldwork
  • Participate in some research tasks such as interviews with users or discussion groups
  • Conduct analysis of data collected by the project, and from other indicators (e.g. national or city level data)
  • Develop new metrics based on collected data
  • Present on a regular basis interpretation of collected data, metrics and the story this is telling as it is requested and organized by Head of Design, Community Director, etc.
  • Ensure valuable, solid, and inspiring research results that are delivered at a high level of fidelity
  • Stay updated on the latest methods/trends/thinking within your field and share your knowledge and thoughts with both colleagues and clients
  • Play an advisory role in the development of the Neighborhood Engagement Model Research Program
  • Track hours as they apply to specific design activities and report to Assistant Project Coordinator


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