24 September 2017

Our method

We help designing better products and services adapted to the customer. That sounds easier than it is. Service design is not magic. It is not a little trick that we can just repeat. It is hard work discovering what chances and possibilities an organisation has, in order to approach the future with confidence. That is why we work with a roadmap that gives our customers a hold during the process.

Service design is all about the customer. We always think from your customers‘ perspective so you can provide them with the perfect service.”

Our roadmap

Step 1: Empathize

What is the context of the problem? Who are involved? We’ll search for relevant information about the target audience. What stands out? Are there any recognizable patterns? This way we’ll gain insight in the needs of your customers, so we can respond to them in the next phase.

Step 2: Define

Based on the research we organize an ‘e-day’ (empathize day). On this day we summarize the information and desing an approach for the next step.

Step 3: Ideate

During the ‘empathize day’ we move from e-day to i-dea. We use different brainstorm techniques in order to come to ideas and solutions together.

Step 4: Prototype

The potential best ideas must be developed into testable prototypes. What are your main assumptions? About which one you want to be certain that it works? You can investigate by using proper prototypes.

Step 5: Test

The final step in the process involves validation of our assumptions: “Is what we think is correct really correct?” By using a quick test with the right target audience you can find out in the early stages whether something works or not. This can save you a lot of money.

By using a quick test with the right target audience you can find out in the early stages whether something works or not”.

What is Service Design?

In short service design is improving services. Of course this is very broad and can be used in countless ways. We take account with a variety of aspects like scheduling, communication, infrastructure, and material components. We can improve existing services or create complete new services. We can also help you to start a company, start a project or to launch a new product. We are also involved in social issues. The keyword in service design is innovation. Our vision is always pointed at the future and we’d love to help you with your future challenges and possibilities.

Why Service Design?

The power of Service Design is being an innovative method. With Service Design you start with an open vision and by collecting as much information as possible. Afterwards we scan the information for patterns. In contradiction to business thinking where you work a predetermined environment Service Design is much more free and innovative. By using Design Thinking you collect a broad range of information which minifies the risk of failure. Service Design always is about the client. We think from their perspective so you can offer them the best service.

The process is flexible

Next to that the process is very flexible. The thinking process doesn’t know a predetermined start and end point. This enables the possibility to edit every step along the way. This ensures no effort is pointless. Service Design revolves around the client. We always look at things from their perspective to ensure they receive the perfect service experience.

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