24 September 2017

Innovation plan

Do you want to innovate but have no idea where to start? Do you have an idea that’s
been on the shelf for way too long? Don’t know how to adapt to the changing
market? Whatever idea or problem grinds your organisation’s gears, We Think Next
will help you. How? We build an innovation plan designed for your organisation.

What is an innovation plan?

In the innovation plan we examine your organisation, target audience, market and
e nvironmental factors. A good start is half the work, that’s why we always start with
profound research. Afterwards we filter all the important information.

We do the research together with you and your clients, this ensures we get the best
insights. The innovation plan shows you where the opportunities and threats for your
project or organisation are. We will give you specific guidelines to implement in your
organisation. This will ensure your company is ready for innovation!

What will we give you?

+ An analysis of your current situation
+ Correct goals and innovative options
+ Insights in your target audience and how to reach them
+ A defined challenge and problem statement
+ An overview of the needed adjustments
+ New brainstorm methods

We offer this service for $1397. Interested or want to make an appointment? Contact us!