20 October 2017

How mindset can change you

Turning a problem into a solution

Are you worried about your future? Are you in trouble and quickly need a solution? Sometimes you can’t handle questions like these and a solution seems far away. You’re stuck and feel like your brain is blocking. Recognizable? No worries, there’s always a solution. The only thing you have to do is learn how to change your ‘mindset’. Learn to think differently. It’s easier than it sounds!


Break patterns to develop a new mindset

With a different mindset we don’t mean you should motivate yourself more to accomplish your goal. You should rewire your brain to think in a new way. The biggest part of your actions are executed on auto-pilot. Your brain is used to do these things without thinking about them. This way your brain creates a pattern that repeats itself constantly. This can come in quite handy. For example it prevents you from having to learn how to tie your laces everyday. But it also knows it downsides. When you don’t break these patterns you get stuck in a certain way of thinking. This cause you to block new insights and think close minded. You’re not using the full capacity of your brain, which is a pity.


But don’t worry! The solution is very simple. Here are some excercises that create new connections between your left and richt brain. This makes you see new and creative solutions which you wouldn’t have thought of before.


An example? Look at the image below. Which number should be under the car?

Do you break your brain like a mad mathematician with all kinds of crazy formulas?. Not nescessary!  Here is a tip: look at the image upside down. Is it clearer now?


This is exactly what what we mean by changing your mindset. Look at things with a different perspective, this makes you see everything different. This is how you learn to do this:

Train your brain

Look around you. Are you behind a desk? Wat do you see? A pen, a sharpener or a cup of coffee maybe? Pick an ordinary object that is within your reach en look at it carefully. Now think of 5 ways you could use this object besides from what it was made for.


Did you succeed? Pretty hard isn’t it? Let’s make it even harder! Now pick 2 objects (for example your pen and your cup of coffee) think of a way these 2 objects can make a new product.


In the beginning this can be very hard, but if you practice this excercise on a regular basis you’ll notice it will become easier. This is how you train your brain to make new connections and create more room for creativity. In no time you will live in a world where no problem is the boss of you. You’ll get new insights and solutions all the time.