20 October 2017

Five tips to boost your creativity

Start with a problem statement

Good ideas come from good and concrete problem statements. You probably have a problem you are looking to solve: write it down and use the tips below to boost your creativity and come to a solution.

1. Think out of the desk

Sitting behind your desk won’t help you generate new ideas fast. Go outside to think, to a nice park or the city center for example. By exposing your brains to different incentives, you will be able to think more creative and get innovative insights.

2. Change your assumptions

For every situation you have your own assumptions. Try to change those by looking at a situation from a different perspective. For example, when you own a web shop and you assume only young people would buy your product, you can change this assumption. State that you only want elderly people to buy your product. You can ask yourself why only young people buy your product and think of ways to sell to elderly people as well. This will prevent you from only focussing on your previous assumptions and leaving out good opportunities.

3. Rewrite your problem

By formulating your problem in multiple ways, you can get new insights. Imagine, your web shop is making losses on the shipping process of your product. You could formulate your problem as follows: My web shop is making losses on the shipping process. This way you only focus on the shipping of your products. But you can also state the problem in a different way, like this: How can I lower the costs of actions for my product? With this statement you can come to new ideas about packaging, loading time and storage.

4. Stakeholder mapping

With stakeholder mapping, you map every stakeholder within your organization. Not only parties that provide money, but everyone who is relevant to your organization. Consequently, you’ll gain insight in the important issues and interests. By looking at this in an analytical way, you can link the information to your problem.

5. Brainstorm techniques

There are a lot of brainstorm techniques you can use. One technique that we use often is mind mapping. With this technique you make a map of all your thoughts. Use a big paper and write down your problem in the middle. Then write all associations that you have with this issue around it. And remember: there are no wrong answers! When you’ve written down enough words, you can connect them. This will lead you to the solution to your problem.


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