20 February 2018

Culture Design Lead

New Job

-Compensation: based on experience
-Type: 60+ hours for 17 weeks. Opportunity to extend contract through 2018.
-Hours: Contract. 10-20 hours/week – will regularly involve some evening and weekend working

About this role:

Times are calling for new ways of working and reimagined collaboration models. The world has experienced innovations, disruptions, and shifting perspectives challenging what we do, the way we do it, calling into question our sense of purpose, and demanding wholly new ways of delivering value. We need to simultaneously liberate ourselves from old ways of working and embrace new methods and practices, while keeping the wheels on the road rolling. This project is an opportunity to test out practices, with an intent to document and socialize new models for others to implement. The Culture Design Lead will draw on his/her experience and unique perspective to build new engagement models within and between the team, the client team, and the community. You will help to document these methods and models throughout the project, learning as much as you are innovating and turning newly acquired knowledge into a replicable processes for any environment.

A Culture Designer has a predisposition towards disruption with the intent of birthing clarity and progress. This person has an insatiable appetite for imagining better ways of doing things and simultaneously testing them. With an optimistic attitude, this role is essential in establishing a culture of trust and learning ethos.

This role will work closely with the Project Lead to ensure the project has an empowering, participatory, purpose-driven, learning culture amongst multiple stakeholders. To gain cultural alignment, you will focus on both behavioral and structural methods. You will work across the whole organization, including the the client teams, neighborhood businesses and neighborhood organizations. The Culture Designer will also work with and guide the Assistant Project Coordinator in coordinating project initiatives and setting up remote collaboration systems for multiple organizations.

The role will train you in essential Design Thinking principles and prepare you to think more critically and creatively in addressing social challenges.

You will develop a human-centered leadership style that allows you to actively listen, collectively discern, and deliver actionable insights to client teams, communities, and the general public.

Duties and responsibilities of this role

  • Helps the Head of Design develop and apply new aspects of practice and the discipline, whilst also making constructive recommendations.
  • Good standard of performance in all the core service design domains – research, facilitation, communication and storytelling, visualization, prototyping, synthesis, and empathy.
  • Co-develop the culture/engagement strategies with the Head of Design
  • Be constantly looking for gaps and opportunities to improve the program
  • Appropriately experiment with unorthodox training & development methods (experiential training methods)
  • Lead the design and delivery of all culture initiatives re: 1) Internal client team design process 2) WTN team culture 3) neighborhood engagement and empowerment strategies.
  • Build the capacity of team members and neighborhood residents to successfully deliver on project goals.
  • Be responsible for all training and development needs of all team members, including neighborhood residents.
  • Support the Project Lead in maintaining a design-thinking process and project culture.
  • Co-develop culture probes and toolkits as needed.
  • Co-develop new participatory design activities.
  • Continuously bring new methods and practices, always learning.
  • Foster learning and personal development throughout the all organizations.
  • Explore new ways of collaborating with multiple project stakeholders.
  • Co-development of new methodologies for innovation models.
  • Recruitment of additional roles and/or neighborhood partners.
  • Quantitative and Qualitative Research throughout all project phases.
  • Synthesis of learnings in all aspects.
  • Documentation of learnings.
  • Provide direction to visual design teams.
  • Facilitation of workshops as needed.
  • Establish a system of tools and feedback mechanisms for team members, client and neighborhood residents.
  • Co-design and co-deliver ‘participatory design events’ which would encourage dissemination of newly acquired knowledge and best practices amongst peers and cross pollination of ideas e.g. for civic leaders, business owners, academic institutions, etc.
  • Track hours as they apply to specific design activities and report to Assistant Project Coordinator.


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