20 October 2017

KLM: design the airline of the future

Serious Innovation for KLM

Together with Online Media Koffer and Gist, We Think Next formed “Serious Innovation”. Serious Innovation was a foundation that helps companies solving problems in exchange for donations to charity. This time we worked on a challenge for KLM Takes Care. The assignment was to create concepts for products and services to stimulate travelers to choose for sustainable flying. The donations were given to the Red Cross foundation.

We tackled the problem in groups using Service Design. The concept that were created were presented to people from Rotterdam. The plans were improved and developed further and eventually the concepts became 8 specific ideas. One winner was chosen by Marjolein de Nood (KLM), Adjan Kodde (CEO Mirabeau) and advisor Lloyd Castro.

The results

The winning idea was Climate Heroes. The masterminds behind Climate Heroes discovered that 50% of KLM’s airplane tickets were booked for business but almost never CO2-Neutral. This group developed a reward system for employers that booked their tickets “green”. This was both employers, travelers, KLM and the climate has a profit.

After this event we came to a great workable idea. Next to that more than €5000 was collected for the Red Cross. Win-win!

For more information about Serious Innovation you can contact us.