We Think Next is a global consulting firm dedicated to facilitating behavioral, organizational, and societal change. With an emphasis on human values and Service Design Thinking, we co-create solutions that achieve prosperity through social innovation.

Social InnovationNeighborhood Engagement Model: Charlotte NC

We are partnering with Atrium Health and YMCA of Greater Charlotte to help address prevailing health disparities in the Charlotte area by engaging affected neighborhoods in a unique approach to social innovation and community engagement.

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Social InnovationCityJam: Charlotte NC

The city of Charlotte (NC) is struggling with bad internet. Because of that lots of the schoolchildren don’t have access to the internet at home. Many elderly struggle with this too. In other words, a large part of the population doesn’t profit from the opportunities the digital highway provides. It was our job to come up with solutions for this!

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HackathonKLM: design the airline of the future

KLM Takes Care wanted to know how they could stimulate sustainable flying. In exchange for a donation to the Red Cross, we accepted this challange immediately!

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